Nibiru, Equinox, Zecharia Sitchin, Maya Calendar

The winter equinox of 2012 is the last day of the long count Maya calendar (5,000 years). Also, and probably not coincidentally, it is the date that the sun will be between the earth and the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Since Mayas and others see many correlations between the Milky Way and what goes on earth, the prospect of interrupting the free flow of “energy” between the two entities has provoked fears, anxieties and hopes from different groups all over the world. There are a number of not-quite-scientists who have generated millions of printed words on this topic. There are thousands of new books in print covering 2012, a major movie (a disaster film, of course) is being released by Hollywood next month, there are videos online everywhere and for sale in book stores and Costco, and people holding conferences. If you enter “2012″ in Google, you get 180,000,000 results.

Because the mystical date is based on the Maya calendar, there are predictions of phenomena to occur at Chichen Itza.

Merida’s own Iluminado Tours ( is holding a Crystal Skulls conference here next spring. There is another Crystal Skulls conference scheduled in Cancun, and probably many gatherings to come. In fact, we predict that Merida and the surrounding areas will be jam packed with spiritual tourists starting sometime next year, and by 2012 this place may become a huge center of activity. Clean out your guest room and get ready to rent it at an exhorbitant fee!

One of my favorite angles on 2012 is the predicted return of the planet Nibiru, passing very close to earth, and somehow allowing us to climb aboard. You can buy Nibiru T-shirts on line; I may get one. Try googling Nibiru – you get 1,060,000 hits.

UNAM has a fairly new science division called the Nibiru-Astronomical Society, “a non – profit academic and student astronomical society created at the Faculty of Sciences (UNAM) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2001.”

Wikipedia says, “The goal of the Society is to create a channel linking students studying physics at the Faculty with astronomers at the Institute of Astronomy (UNAM)[1]. This is achieved through year – round semestral astronomy related activities such as conferences, courses, movie debates, planetary observations through telescopes and outings focused on archeoastronomy.”

I’m familiar with archaeoastronomy in the context of ancient peoples applying astronomical observations and predictions to such things as building construction and crop cycles. A good example of this is the construction of El Castillo, and the phenomenon of the feathered serpent crawling down the grand staircase at the height of the equinox. Apparently Nibiru has been absorbed into this corner of academia.

Here’s a quote from, “The ancient cuneiform texts – some of the earliest known writing, dating back some 6,000 years – told the story of a race of beings called the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki came to Earth from a planet in our solar system called Nibiru, according to the Sumerians via Sitchin. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because mainstream science does not recognize Nibiru as one of the planets that revolves around our Sun. Yet it is there, claims Sitchin, and its presence holds great importance not only for humankind’s past, but our future as well.”

Zecharia Sitchin is one of the not-quite-scientists who generate a huge volume of info on things paranormal. He is from Azerbaijan, graduated college in London, and now lives in New York. I hope he comes to Chichen Itza for 12/21/2012.
More on this topic soon…

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  1. Since the current world of man began on 3114BC, there is no way that the cuniform writing is over 6000 years old. There is far more to the real 2012 story than Niburu and the Mayans. Check out the fact that 10 other ancient cultures have always known about 2012

  2. Alinde says:

    Today’s NYTimes has an interesting piece in this regard:

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