Printed the draft for reviews

I went to Office Depot and had them print and bind copies for the readers. It was an exciting moment, to get those copies. I’m sure the guy doing the copying thought I was weird, because when he brought the first one out to me for approval, and I couldn’t stop reading it.

It came out to 246 pages, but that includes frontmatter and a couple of photos. I still have no idea how many printed book pages that equates to, but I don’t suppose it matters since it’s an e-book.

Since I don’t drink, I settled for a stop at Domo Blanco on the way home and was happy with chocolate gelato. Better than champagne.

About BG

Beryl Gorbman is a writer and private investigator who divides her time between Seattle WA and Merida Yucatan Mexico. She has published two works of fiction, 2012: Deadly Awakening, and Madrugada. They are both available on Amazon and other outlets. Also at Amate Books, and Casa Catherwood in Merida. You can read about them in various articles on this site.
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  1. esther says:

    Good dog!!!! Gelato is better!

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