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Restaurants – Acitron and Salads

With Ka’a Pej closed, there are two other restaurants on this little row, one block north of Circuito on the Paseo (just past the glorieta with the fountain), on your right going north. Salads The name of the restaurant is … Continue reading

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2012: Shit Happens Blog

Writing and electronically publishing a novel This will be an ongoing discussion of my process in writing a novel and getting it onto Amazon ebooks, which I think is what I want to do. Many people have been very helpful … Continue reading

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2012 – It’s Hard To Prepare

Sorting Through the 2012 Schools of Thought In the process of writing the novel I’m working on, I have learned a lot about the various belief systems associated with December 21 2012. And with the movie coming out in the … Continue reading

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Dia de Muertos – Day of the Dead

When a family member dies in Mexico, s/he is still a family member. S/he just exists in another dimension. There are constant holidays and fiestas here – it is quite wonderful – and this one is around Halloween. I’s celebrated … Continue reading

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Chichen Itza – world class park

Yesterday (11/5/09), Lorna Gail and I went to Chichen Itza, the eighth wonder of the world, so I could take pictures for the electronic book I am hoping to put online next month. The story takes place in Merida and … Continue reading

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