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Lachlan Ansett Disney?

Lachlan Ansett Disney?

Lachlan Ansett, or whatever his name is, was in Merida about eight months ago running his scam. He is particularly dangerous as he claims to be a doctor and research geneticist, and has apparently “treated” a number of people. (He is not a doctor.) When he was here, he apparently ripped off a medical firm called, Biomedical Merida. The good doctor has defrauded people and organizations in a number of states of Mexico.

He claimed to work through Doctors Without Borders, but we checked with them and they had never heard of him.

He is at large now, having mysteriously escaped from police detention in Aguascalientes. He had been under under “house arrest,” according to Vision Peninsular.

I personally feel cheated because I never had the pleasure of meeting him. I was in the USA during his tour of Merida. I understand, however, that he is charming, personable, well-dressed, highly intelligent, computer savvy and knows a little bit about a lot of things. Since I’m fascinated with sociopaths, I feel that my timing was terrible.

If you see him, call police. If you don’t speak Spanish, get a native speaker to call for you and explain that he is wanted by authorities here and elsewhere in Mexico. (Apparently he also “escaped” captivity in Mexico City.) Here is an extensive article about him in Vision Peninsular. Sorry, can’t link to the translated version.

This con artist, who I’m told is an attractive man, is HIV positive, according to the Aguascalientes district attorney’s office. They have issued a Health Alert.


Here is an editorial pasted into this post in its entirety in machine translated English. From a site called, in Aguascalientes.

Function unfulfilled
It means that out of the constant catch Central American migrants unhappy, agents of Immigration in Aguascalientes commissioners do not do other work. This is evidenced by the scandal of the time referred to an alleged Australian long walk around town as he pleased, even though their immigration status was irregular. That is, there was no official papers to legalize their stay in Mexico.
Lachlan Bjorn Ansett Disney is like calling itself the subject of yore that have virtually declared a fugitive after two weeks in which infectious Sanitary Regulation closed the place, in the first frame, which catered to the individual persons seeking services for reading the human genome and thus prevent supposedly future ailments.
As in all these cases the failure was huge. Ahead is the Institute of Health who is to blame for this new incident because his obligation is to detect the supply of medical services not properly supported and verifiers failed, as the fake doctor worked at home for an extended period of time until some of those deceived by him took their case to the authorities.
But if it gives responsibility to the ISEA, by omission and unforgivable because it has been unquestionable, once again, in this sense does not satisfy as it should be no less deserving of blame is the local representative of the Immigration Service, because the alleged Australia had enough time to lie in Aguascalientes.
The subject did not work underground, but did so openly. Was promoted as an elevation that had come to Aguascalientes to introduce novel method of early diagnosis, for which he used, he said, advanced technology equipment. In all these months, Immigration did not realize the permanence of this illegal alien, despite how quickly walked the word of mouth propaganda that painted it as something out of this world?.
The incident light as does the failure in important measure on the unique role of that unit, which is to locate undocumented, detain and expatriates after a quick process. To which is dedicated as the staff of that office is to prosecute those forgotten by the divine hand the desperate Central Americans who are stuck in the dangerous adventure of going to the northern border and then interned in the United States.
Meanwhile how many and how many aliens swarm transnational Aguascalientes territory?. The updated records include only a few hundred temporary guest having their papers in order and even regularly attend migration opportunities to keep their legal residence. But what about the others?. Who urged them to regularize their stay with us?.
If the agency fully complied with its obligations, situations like the one caused by the so-called Australian doctor-that maybe neither a doctor nor born in the land of kangaroos “, they would not take place. The past year had raised one of these scandals, but nobody escarmentar, it is undisputed that no records are kept of incidents and that memory when it is overtaken by the indolence, it becomes brittle.

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Beryl Gorbman is a writer and private investigator who divides her time between Seattle WA and Merida Yucatan Mexico. She has published two works of fiction, 2012: Deadly Awakening, and Madrugada. They are both available on Amazon and other outlets. Also at Amate Books, and Casa Catherwood in Merida. You can read about them in various articles on this site.
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  1. Ellen says:

    Good gracious… what an abysmal translation. Have you tried Google Translate lately? It’s really good…

  2. Fan says:

    “I personally feel cheated because I never had the pleasure of meeting him.”

    Hilarious… but you are tempting fate.

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