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Grinch Musings. Carnaval.

Friday, 2/12/2010 Our house is one block as the crow flies from the Paseo de Montejo remate, the southern end. It’s where the carnaval parades finish their southern lope and hang a right toward 60th. They pause in front of … Continue reading

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Technical problems of the Day

I’m having a couple of problems with Amazon’s Digital Publishing Platform. I proofed the book and made a few changes, but I can’t get the new version uploaded and I’m worried that I’ve screwed up the currently posted version. There … Continue reading

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Recipe: Yucatan Yenta Manna Bread

Beryl Gorbman Manna bread isn’t really bread as we know it. It’s a mixture of germinated whole wheat seeds and water, cooked slowly for a long time. Because the the seed is sprouted when you use it, manna bread is … Continue reading

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