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Tantalizing Curries!

Who doesn’t love to learn!! Our learning capabilities are in fact a crowning joy of our humanity. In this section of Friends of Indochine we will delve a little deeper into a topic of great interest to all Friends of Indochine. This week, Curry!

Have you ever wondered what goes into your recent mouth watering Curry dish at Indochine? Well, Curry is actually a mixture of three primary seed spices; turmeric, coriander, cumin and a host of other common ingredients such as onions and garlic.

The specific selection of spices that goes into any Curry depends on a number of factors such as regional traditions, available or seasonal ingredients, other flavors the curry is to complement, or even the chef’s tastes.

Curries are first prepared by first roasting the three seeds mentioned earlier; turmeric, coriander, and cumin. The roasting process brings out and caramelizes the seeds’ natural flavors while deepening their color and appeal. After roasting and cooling, curries are mixed then ground or blended with chopped garlic and onion into a paste.

Once the curry is made into a paste, it becomes a very versatile element in the cook’s collection. They may use their curry paste as a marinade for meats and fish or even a nice firm Asian tofu. Alternatively, their curry can be used as vibrant element of flavor in a veggie stir fry of a meat or again, tofu. Once your tummies are full from experimenting and enjoying your curry recipe you can enjoy your efforts for many meals to come as the paste can be kept for a few days in the refrigerator or even stored in a freezer for up to a few months.

The most common Thai way of cooking curry is combined with coconut milk. This is the way that it is prepared here at Indochine for all of our curry dishes. A curry combined with coconut milk is milder than a curry prepared without, and that seems to be a desirable effect for our customers! Curries have traditionally been known to be spicy and we are quite willing to accommodate. Just let your server know how spicy you would like your curry meal prepared. Our dishes are prepared on a fairly conservative scale of 1 to 5.

As you savor your curry dish, you will be pleased to know that every mouthful is healthful mouthful. Turmeric, known as The Golden Goddess because of its resplendent color, is known to be an effective immune system booster! Turmeric is also excellent for invigorating the skin and in fact has been used traditionally on the eve of Indian bridal ceremonies for centuries enhance the glow of the skin for beautiful Hindu brides.

Coriander on the other hand is an appetite stimulant, so if you find yourself going for seconds or thirds, perhaps it is the coriander calling. Cumin will give you a natural high because the spice actually causes endorphins to be released, :) You’ll find in fact the desire for a nice restful sleep as cumin is a natural sleep aid.

Our curries at Indochine are simmered in coconut milk which is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and the all important healthful fats. Coconut is actually called the Tree of Life in some island cultures; the coconut has been used for healing, to support the immune system, and as a quick yet sustained source of energy.

Curry Promotion
What better way to kick off our Learn section than with a promotion specific to curries. On your next visit, tell your server that curries taste great and make you healthy, and your server will instantly give you 10% off on your curry! At Indochine, we want you to come, eat, and be happy and healthy!!

For reservations and more information about this fabulous restaurant – go to (recommendation from Beryl)

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