Pet Kidnappers in Downtown Merida

According to El Diario, there is guy who steals purebred dogs from homes in Centro and then contacts the owners for ransom. A couple of days ago, some neighbors saw him climb over a wall into someone’s yard on 46th and come out with a miniature schnauzer. He got onto his motorcycle and sped off. The neighbors called municipal p0lice, who are investigating. The kidnapper is described as about 25, thin, with black hair. (I think I’ve seen him!)

The most shocking thing is that this kidnapper is not the first. Recently, two other young men were arrested for stealing purebred dogs and ransoming them to their owners.

Update on the Glass of Water Scam:

A young woman came to the door yesterday very sweetly asking for a drink of water. Jim thought I was cruel for saying no and not letting her in. After she left, I felt guilty and got a glass of water for her. When I  opened the door, I saw that  she had skipped the business next door to us, and gone to the next home, where she was ringing the bell. I gave her a cup of water.

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3 Responses to Pet Kidnappers in Downtown Merida

  1. Rainie says:

    I fell for the glass of water trick and had my wallet stolen. Of course I was stupid enough to invite her in while I went to the kitchen for water. She followed me and swiped my wallet out of my purse which I carelessly left on the table.
    A few days later a man found it discarded with the cards still in it. He found my address on my old people’s card and was nice enough to return my wallet. Only the money was missing. What did I learn? Get the water, but don’t invite strangers into my house.

  2. John Sowley says:

    Sooooooooooooo, What’s the scam???

  3. Claudette says:

    @ John..the scam is that they get into your house with the excuse for a glass of water. Like Rainie, most people get distracted and that’s when they are robbed.

    I’ve heard of this scam before so I try not to open the door to anyone with a long story. I’ll just hear them out through window on my door.

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