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My Friend Judy

Beryl Gorbman This is about mental illness. My friend Judy Rosenfeld in Seattle had a 43-year-old son who was mentally ill since the age of 12. The other night he was shot and killed by police in a confrontation. … Continue reading

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Thai Restaurant in Baca

Beryl Gorbman Thanks to William Lawson’s review on his website,, ten of us piled into several cars yesterday and drove to Baca to see whether it was really true – that there was an authentic and delicious Thai restaurant … Continue reading

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Why Maryetta Couldn’t Make the Meeting

This is an email from Maryetta A., Merida resident, telling us why she couldn’t make the meeting of our writers’ group.   I really wanted to be with you this morning. Sounds like you’ll be having an interesting discussion. But … Continue reading

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Divas, Vamps and Femme Fatales film festival

This is curated by the Tataya Gallery. What a line-up – Garbo, Betty Davis, Rita Hayworth, May West, Dolores Del Rio. They’re all free at Teatro Merida from Saturday 8/14 through September 12. Follow this link to the schedule. Tataya … Continue reading

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Too Hot to Research

I know my blog has been different the last few weeks – lots of words and few photos. It is simply too hot to go adventuring and photographing, but I’ll be back out there as soon as the weather lightens … Continue reading

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Crossing into Mexico from AZ for the Day

Guest Article By Jane See Section – Jane, Our Favorite Working Girl, on this blog. Yesterday I decided to drive across the Mexican border and go to the small town of Sonoyta. It’s located about 3 miles from the Arizona … Continue reading

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A guest editorial by Kinbote, a political analyst from Texas.  I can’t tell you how many 9-months-pregnant women I’ve seen climbing the border fences in Tijuana. Some of them make it. Thankfully, others get picked off by snipers or chewed … Continue reading

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Unusual Aurora Borealis

Sorry – I don’t know why this is printing on my home page background. Maybe because I stole it off the Internet. This is an Aurora Borealis that ocurred 7/31/2010. It is unusually bright and located in unusual places. It’s caused … Continue reading

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2012: Cataclysmic Magnetic Pole Shift

Beryl Gorbman More and more people are moving to Yucatan or renting houses, so they can be in the land of the Maya for 12/21/2012. Although a number of people of wisdom from ancient cultures (including the Hopi) “predicted” a huge event on … Continue reading

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