Where’s the Yenta Been?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Books Books Books

I’ve been immersed in the final proof runs for my current novel. I uploaded a file yesterday for the fourth or fifth proof copy, and in a few days will have five bound books for a final checkover  If all is well, I push a button and 2012: Deadly Awakening will appear on Amazon as a print book as well as an eBook, which it is now.

Madrugada is a book I wrote a few years ago. It’s a murder mystery, of course, and takes place in a small Maya village where there is an active archaeological dig. The story is set about 25 years ago, so the book is as much of a story about foreign contact with a naive population as it is about anything else. But it starts off with the grisly beheading of an archaeologist in the INAH building up near Sam’s and gets darker and funnier from there. It has the same two main characters as the 2012 book.

Madrugada is the first in this series of three. The protagonists meet, and the scene is set for other books.

The book chronologically between Madrugada and 2012 is called Rotten Fruit. It involves relics of the Las Vegas mafia, a murder in the Blue Banana steam bath, and the Oxcutzcab fruit market.

Madrugada is done, but I’m  reworking it a little and adding photos. It will up as an eBook in about three months.

Thai Restaurant in Baca

We returned to this excellent place yesterday and ordered almost everything on the menu. There were no duds. Great curry and complicated, wonderful phud thai. It’s still terrific and it still closes at 3 pm.

Happy Jewish New Year!

Happy Rosh Hashannah to all. The other night four of us walked in as strangers to a dinner with about 40 people, and when we walked out we weren’t strangers any more. There were Jewish people from the US, South America and all parts of Mexico. I met a family whose ancestors had come here from Spain to flee the Inquisition and converted to Catholicism. Some branches of the family reverted to Judaism at some point, and this branch of the family was there. Sooo interesting.

About BG

Beryl Gorbman is a writer and private investigator who divides her time between Seattle WA and Merida Yucatan Mexico. She has published two works of fiction, 2012: Deadly Awakening, and Madrugada. They are both available on Amazon and other outlets. Also at Amate Books, and Casa Catherwood in Merida. You can read about them in various articles on this site.
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  1. Lynne Chesley says:


  2. Hugo de Naranja says:

    !מיר מוזן גיין צו פּראָגרעסאָ פֿאַר טאַשליך

  3. Hugo de Naranja says:

    I don’t know why I can’t seem to get the “p” to appear in front of Progreso. But there you have it.

    מיר מוזן גיין צו פּראָגרעסאָ פֿאַר טאַשליך

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