I Hate Donald Trump

Beryl Gorbman

I am ashamed that Trump is an American. I hate that people in other countries see our worst side. Trump’s racism and self importance have affected the dignity of the office of the American president. And he says he is very proud of his accomplishment. What accomplishment? Barack Obama’s credentials as an American had been checked long before he ran for office.

The only reason Trump is accorded attention is that he is very rich. Since when is that a measure of ethical morality and truth telling? Before this “birthing movement” bullshit, Trump was just a rich guy with a mean, marginal personality that was bizarre enough to win him a distasteful TV show. The program is based on meanness, just like his miserable life.

There are still those in the USA and elsewhere who absolutely cannot stand the idea that a black man and his black family are in the white house. They are still in impotent denial and will seize at any straw to change things or discredit Barack Obama. If they can’t find fault with the president in any other way, they will question, of all things, where he was born.

I wonder what they will come up with next. These are desperate and dangerous racists who represent the worst of America.

We elected a fine president. Deal with it. Let him do his job.

(Just in case anyone ever wondered what my politics were.)

About BG

Beryl Gorbman is a writer and private investigator who divides her time between Seattle WA and Merida Yucatan Mexico. She has published two works of fiction, 2012: Deadly Awakening, and Madrugada. They are both available on Amazon and other outlets. Also at Amate Books, and Casa Catherwood in Merida. You can read about them in various articles on this site.
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24 Responses to I Hate Donald Trump

  1. Jody says:

    I, too, feel deep shame and anger. Every American, regardless of race, is diminished by this kind of behavior and thinking.

    My country frightens me. (I was hoping to build a tree house down the block from you on that abandoned property. Now that the tree is gone, I will have to figure out some other Mérida housing option–right after helping to successfully re-elect our presidente.)

  2. Debi says:

    I’m with you! This is embarrassing, bewildering, irresponsible!
    Apparently NOW – there are those that want to see his college transcripts, Give Me A Frickin Break, as if those things haven’t all already been checked. I mean can just ANYONE run for President without being properly vetted????

  3. I third the opinion expressed here. It is frightening to see our giant powerful neighbor to the north implode and I feel less than optimistic about the near future.

    • BG says:

      I am torn between a desire to spend more time up there to work on the Obama campaign, or hide my head in the sand and be glad I left, or see whether there is something constructive I can do from here for the Obama campaign.

  4. Allen M says:

    Everybody hates Donald Trump. Except Donald Trump.

  5. Harry Z says:

    Luckily, I don’t think the US has fallen quite so low that Trump would be the president we deserve!

  6. Louise S. says:

    now, now, yenta! don’t hate. loathe!

  7. kwallek says:

    I went to a political meeting the other day to help with a statewide petition effort to overturn a rightwing bill that passed our statehouse. I’ve been doing politics for most of my adult life, starting in high school, I’m retired now. I have t-shirts. I went in expecting maybe 50 people, more than normal because it is a pretty reactionary bill, there were over 600 people wanting to help. The local political class were walking around like they saw Casper. This is Ohio, a major swing state and the grassroots people are signing up in droves. The midterms scared a lot of people it would seem.

  8. Fred W. says:


    Hate is a strong word.

  9. Grant says:

    Hi Beryl,

    When I got your email, I read it as Donal Trump–The Sandwichon. I thought someone in Merida had named a giant sandwich after the Donald. I started imagining what it would be. Lots of ham, some cream cheese, a few pungent anchovies, and a hundred dollar bill, all on fried Montecristo bread.

  10. Stella M. says:

    After questioning Obama´s American birth Donald Trump is now questioning his college grades…were they good enough to get him into Harvard Law? Well, I´d like to see George Bush´s college grades…a mental retard.

  11. Fred Woolley says:

    I think hate is for people you love. I have no love for Trump. I do hope he runs for President. He would have to run as an independent, taking votes away from whoever the republicons choose.

    • BG says:

      Confused by the first part. Agree with the second part. Or, if they run him, he would look as bad as Sara Palin did, assuring an Obama victory. Maybe they could run him for president and Sara for vp, assuring the Dems a victory.

  12. Elizabeth Ward says:

    I hate him worse.

  13. Bob Anderson, Seattle says:

    As a lifetime follower of some great Republicans like Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Eisenhower and Dan Evans, who cared about truth, fairness and the average working American, today I have become so publicly ashamed and embarassed by my party as to wonder if their form of utter insanity might be catching or perhaps has metastasized into a nation-wide plague. A number of anchors on TV news tonight have been dead right in calling out in clear and unambiguous terms a host of public figures for the distractions on the MSM swirling around the totally despicable Donald Trump, who suggested Obama was merely qualified to play basketball and refused to look at or respond to the document that proved him a fool.

    For a black man in the highest office to have to endure the humiliation daily experienced by people of color in this country… still… today; to be confronted on the public street and have to “show his papers”, and prove that he is where he is legitimately, that he is a real human being, a person of worth. This takes us back to the worst days of the 18th century and the harassment of wrong skin color people legally once deemed 3/5 of a person. It is ugly, it is hateful, it is racist. Call it what it is. Name the egregious sin. How wrong I was to believe naively that our country would never go back to embrace such outrages, that we had grown and become more inclusive. Along with many anchors I hold the Press and NBC executives responsible for creating the monster, and the past and present heads of my party for utter failure to condemn these lies and deceptions and destructiveness.

    Faced with the unrelenting and publicly-admitted campaign of total destruction of a duly elected president, the certified lunatic fringe has become the center of my party and I am so so so ashamed of them. But Obama has proven by his response over 2 1/2 years that he would meet such shameful behavior as the intelligent, centered, faith-filled, and civil public servant he truly is. That it might set the controversy aside to prove such nut-cases wrong is a false hope – it will only make them more determined to make him show even more “papers”, his academic credentials, his admission to college requirements, perhaps even his multi-racial parentage, or worse. It will not end. Insane people are not converted by facts. I will repeat my belief that “some people can’t stand being told what to do by a ‘colored man’ living in public housing.”

    What we are facing in this country is NOT a financial or deficit problem. There is plenty of money. Nor is it a political or ideological problem. It is a religious problem, a problem of basic morality in which too many in high places suffer from greed, selfishness and lack of conscience and human decency. Self has replaced the common good. The rot is at the top. I remain committed to the historic, realistic and fair principles of my party, admitting most all of them have been breached since 1980. Because we will either follow this insanity until it takes us over the cliff of economic, political and moral ruin, or we will wake up and decide this is a way to destruction of our democracy, and will return to our pragmatic populist roots. I hope for the latter but frankly, I would not place any bets tonight on either alternative. It has been a shameful day in America. Just realize that there are a very few of us real Republicans still kicking. Bob Anderson

  14. suk says:

    I am with you. He is such an ignorant, selfish guy but he thinks he is a smart. But he got no balls to say he made a mistake & can’t say I am sorry.

  15. Estela Keim says:

    Donald Trump´s demand that Obama show his college grades in order to prove that he got into Harvard on his own academic merits (read: not because he was a black man who got an undeserved break) reveals Trump´s own academic ignorance. For a very long time now Harvard University (and other top educational institutions in the US) have based their selection of candidates on the total credentials of the individual, not just the college grades. Meaning the entire person. For example, a candidate´s work background is evaluated, as well as previous social service involvement, travel experiences, offices held in college, special skills (languages spoken, musical abilities, for instance)…and yes, socio economic background is also taken into consideration because say, a ghetto kid who makes it as far as a Harvard interview most likely has the willpower, determination and intelligence required to succeed in those hallowed halls. Alternatively, there are children of the wealthy and powerful who also make it into prestigious educational institutions based on the fact that daddy went there and is a deep pocket donor…that, in spite of questionable intelligence, low motivation, lousy grades and a drinking track record. Some of these have also become US presidents…and their grades were never questioned by the likes of Donald Trump.

  16. John says:

    I’m with Suk…

  17. JAY ALBERT says:

    Very discouraging to find out that you are a band wagon jumper.

    Criticism of Obama does not make you a racist. (regardless of what Whoopi and CBS says) Does the fact that the S.F. Chronicle said today that the Obama WH is lying make them racist?

    I dislike Obama immensely. He mislead the public during the campaign regarding many things. Gitmo, lobbyists, Afghanistan, the economy, transparency, just to name a few. Gitmo is still open, there are probably more lobbyists in his administration than any other one in history, Approx. 60% of the deaths in Afghanistan have occurred since he took office and I think most honest observers would agree that he was less than honest regarding openness

    Obama and his surrogates were quick to criticize VP Cheney and his connection with Halliburton and then he appoints Jeff Immelt of G E to his administration. G E will reap billions of dollars of benefit from Obama’s policies, probably tax free. In addition he appointed a Wall Street insider (read contributor) as Secy. of Treas.

    On the economy I know all of you left coast liberals are quick to blame Pres. Bush but he tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie and was stopped by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (both should be in jail) Oops, does the fact that I spoke ill of Barney Frank make me homophobic? Obama has sacrificed the majority of Americans to pay off the unions and will continue to do so.

    On health care he has already granted hundreds of waivers mostly to unions. Before you hyperventilate I have two sons who are officers in a major union in PA.

    One of the filthiest mouthed racists in America is Whoopi Goldberg. If you doubt that get a video of her Radio City Music Hall 2008 fundraiser for Obama. Did you call her out when that happened? I doubt it.

    Since I dislike Obama’s policies I guess I’m a racist, so be it.

    Incidentally, as of now (it may change) I am supporting Herman Cain for the Rep. nomination. You may not have heard of him since he is a black man that has actually done something, like create jobs and make decisions and think for himself.

    H.L. Mencken once said “Nobody ever went broke under estimating the intelligence of the American public.” Because I saw the disaster coming I left the U S soon after Obama was elected and I refuse to live with the Whoopi Goldbergs and Joy Behars of the U S. Unfortunately, I cannot escape the stupid economic policies of this unqualified administration.

    The left needs to grow up. You wanted in the arena now man up and act like grown ups. The guy in office is a screw up so accept the criticism and deal with it on an honest adult basis stop calling attention to his race.

    • BG says:

      Well now Jay, aren’t you glad we stuck around Afghanistan for just a bit? Seems to have paid off.
      And speaking of presidential lies, how about George Bush telling us that Iraq was about to blow us all up with weapons of mass destruction making it necessary to start a huge, pointless war?
      You know as well as anyone that the difficulties Barack Obama has had in implementing his programs is due to the idiot Republican blockade in Congress, all of who should go back to drinking tea. Actually, most of them have probably never had a cup of tea in their lives.

  18. John says:

    I’ve heard Sharon Angle, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and a few others use the term “man up” when speaking of certain Democrats. Just what does that mean? Does it mean that women cannot behave like grown ups?” Could such a remark be considered sexist?

  19. suk says:

    Jay, it is too bad y dislike Obama, I dislike bush. He started to war on Iraq , spent tons of money & left all the problems to Obama. He can’t fix it all the problems. Why don’t y be a president & fix this damm USA problems. Y can be a good one , right? I will vote for y.

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