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Beryl Gorbman

Have you noticed that there are orders of magnitude more people calling for the end of the world in the forseeable future? It used to be that these ideas were forced on you mostly by old guys with grey beards on the streets of New York, barefoot and holding calamitous signs. Sometimes they would stand on wooden boxes and people would drift in and out of their temporary congregations as they urged us to repent because the end was near.

Today, I was in a public building waiting for someone and innocently sat on a bench next to a grandmotherly looking lady in a yellow dress. I wasn’t there thirty seconds before she started the Jehovah’s Witness rap about how this misery of life on earth has about run its course, that the remaining time will be spent in increasing unhappiness, but that you can joyously live forever, in a manner of speaking, by joining up. She showered me with illustrated paperwork.

And today someone sent me an email having to to do with the world ending on Saturday, May 21 2011. Why, that’s right around the corner. Hardly time to prepare. On that day, arrived at by a magical confluence of random numbers and signs, there will be a giant earthquake that destroys the planet. But wait! There’s more! The planet won’t be completely decimated that day, just severely damaged and clearly doomed. May 21 will be followed by five months of complete torment as everything we know and love shrivels into nothingness.

It seems like a pointless time to change religions.

All this pales in comparison to the hubub around December 21 2012. I find this particular cataclysmic possibility exciting because it is so multi-dimensional. Absolutely everyone is involved, from intellectuals, to spiritual seers, to astrologers and more. For some reason, Italians are particularly interested in this doomsday. Also slick marketing organizations offering everything from bunker gear to silk, tie-dyed clothing appropriate for passage to the next world.

Planet X, aka Nibiru, is due to nearly collide with earth on 12/21/2012. Some say it will be possible to get seats on spaceships which will be parked and ready at Chichen Itza, for those of us interested in starting a new civilization. The University of Yucatan Department of Astronomy has academic coursework on Nibiru, affording it a smidgen of credibility.

An enterprising group of Italians have purchased a huge, isolated tract of land in a remote part of Yucatan (near Xul) where they are building bunkers to hold thousands of people. Europeans and Americans are buying in. The place is called Las Aguilas. I keep driving out there trying to get in, but to no avail. I am no match for the miles of electrified fencing and when we once ran into some people coming out of there, they were beyond unfriendly. Can’t say that I blame them.

Hundreds of thousands of people will converge on or near the fateful date at various “sacred places” in the world, including Chichen Itza. The place will be a spectacle. Merida Yucatan, where I live p/t, will be impossibly overrun. Not enough food or bathrooms. Nowhere to sleep. I hope the city is prepared.

Every few weeks I punch “2012″ into Google. A few months ago, I was amazed to see 882 MILLION references. Today, May 11 2011, there are ONE BILLION, TWO HUNDRED TWENTY THOUSAND. When you consider the creative effort that goes into every one of these references or websites, the mind boggles.

I just came upon a delightful website called Armageddon Online. It covers just about everything.

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About BG

Beryl Gorbman is a writer and private investigator who divides her time between Seattle WA and Merida Yucatan Mexico. She has published two works of fiction, 2012: Deadly Awakening, and Madrugada. They are both available on Amazon and other outlets. Also at Amate Books, and Casa Catherwood in Merida. You can read about them in various articles on this site.
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10 Responses to End of the World – More thoughts

  1. kwallek says:

    Saw a billboard in Akron Ohio yesterday that said the world was ending on the 21st of this month . Does this mean I can skip the cable bill payment?

  2. Well coming soon is Weird Al Yankovik’s new album – called Apocalypse … be sure to see the image – that is June 21st
    http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/amplifier/88946/weird-al-yankovics-alpocalypse-cover-makes-the-end-of-the-world-look-awesome/ Scroll down a bit.

    Then there is the year 2100 – designated by climate scientists as the end of their chart… it being very convenient to have a nice round date…. scientists have real scenarios that include human extinction by that date. No guarantees mind you, just the inevitability of the climate models that we have been ignoring.

    It is totally consistent with culture to talk about and make art about something that is quite possible. When it is said that half to 2/3 of all species will go extinct – that includes humans.

    Cheers !

  3. Oh … and the History Channel had a chilling docu-drama After Armageddon http://youtu.be/8r97xoSOEjM

    One of the better, more thoughtful doomer blogs is http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/
    The guy observed much of the fall of the Soviet Union and has some nice observations. Be sure to read some of his earlier posts.. by popularity..

  4. More stuff… Slate must have read your post -

    The Century of Disasters
    Meltdowns. Floods. Tornadoes. Oil spills. Grid crashes. Why more and more things seem to be going wrong, and what we can do about it.
    This will be the century of disasters.


  5. Grant says:

    Hi Beryl,

    It’s May 21, 2011. Still early (10:25 a.m.) here in Los Angeles, but no signs of the world ending abruptly have so far emerged in my neighborhood. I’ll definitely email you if anything come up, however.

  6. Grant says:


    Hi Beryl,

    It’s 5:00 p.m., May 21, 2011, and you really couldn’t ask for a nicer day to end the world on. About 80 degrees, light breeze, birds singing. One sign that the world may be ending is that there were a lot of people shopping at the mall. I expect that if the world were to end, that’s how a lot of people would spend their final hours, so maybe the reckoning is at hand, though not for those who charged their purchases.

    Still a few hours to go. We’re having kababs for dinner, which is a nice meal to end on, if it comes to that. I’ll let you know if anything develops.

    • BG says:

      It was supposed to happen at 6 pm today, somehow regardless of time zone. I am disappointed. Same old same old. At six I was at a party on the beach and a few people mentioned it, we looked skyward and at the horizon, but nothing…. Why is it nothing ever works out the way it’s supposed to?

  7. Grant says:

    Well, the kebabs were good. I view these wanna be apocalypses as opportunities to consider how pleasant it is to exist.

    As a connoisseuse of doomsday prophets, you’ll probably know of Johanna Southcott, but for those who don’t, she’s worth a little reading. The Wikipedia Article isn’t very good, but there’s lots of other stuff on the net about her. She is the beginning (at least as far as I know) of a series of such prophets leading to the House of David in Michigan and the Branch Davidians in Waco. Joseph Smith may also have been influenced by her successors. Hard to know with him, but he sure fits the pattern.

  8. Grant says:

    Hi Beryl,

    Well, here’s the post-mortem on the May 21 apocalypse. I was sitting at the computer about 10:00 p.m., happily digesting kabaobs, when I heard a loud boom and all the lights went out. Uh oh, I thought. Maybe I wrote off doomsday too soon here. I got up and went outside to see if any of my neighbors were floating up in the skies. I have some very nice neighbors, so I thought that in the event of a rapture, I’d surely be able to see some of their feet ascending heavenward. But no, the lights came back on and no neighbors were missing.

    Later on I heard a loud grinding sound. Could this be it? It came from the kitchen, which is just as likely a place for the end of the world to start as any, I suppose. But it was just a rat in the garage which had chewed almost all the way through the door leading into the pantry. No apocalypses here. I put out a tray of rat poison, kissed the wife goodnight and went to bed.

    So it seems God in his mercy has spared us all a little longer.

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