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Habibi’s Lebanese Gourmet Food (with bellydancers)

Beryl Gorbman, Merida Recently, a group of six of us went to Habibi’s in Chuburna. We loved it. As soon as you walk in, you hear the plaintive music of of the middle-eastern harps, the wooden flutes, the distinctive drumming … Continue reading

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Ti’ho Tales and other Lawsonisms

Beryl Gorbman I just noticed that the paragraph I wrote recently on choice pieces from other people’s websites, was missing the last entry, one I really enjoyed. It disappeared into internet hyperspace the way things sometimes do. So I will … Continue reading

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Salt Production in Yucatan

Beryl Gorbman Long before the Spanish invaded this part of the world, the Maya were extracting salt from the lagoons of the north coast of Yucatan. A peculiar combination of natural circumstances allows the generation of high-quality salt from the … Continue reading

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Madrugada is an E-book!

My second novel, Madrugada, is up as an eBook. It’s available at all major eBook outlets – Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, etc. It will be on Apple in a couple of weeks. It’s only $3.95 and if you order from Smashwords, … Continue reading

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Why is Everyone in a Bad Mood?

Beryl Gorbman Have you noticed it? The comments on websites are snippier, people are impossibly rude and impatient in traffic, harder cliques are forming, locals no longer like foreigners very much, and more of the expats seem to be going … Continue reading

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Obituary, Alec Stephens

A long-time realtor in Merida – one of the first. Mr. Stephens died yesterday. From today’s El Diario.

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Flamingo Lakes Yucatan Resort Kaput

Beryl Gorbman I got interested in the Flamingo Lakes development the day I went into their ornate sales office on the main floor of the Fiesta Americana and saw the hundreds of little red flags stuck into their huge site … Continue reading

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Las Aguilas, Italian Doomsday Retreat Makes The NY Times

Beryl Gorbman, The Yucatan Yenta They must be for real! They’ve made the New York Times! (Thanks to Louise Vogel for spotting the article.) In case you missed other news on this, a group of Italians have built an ambitious … Continue reading

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Recommended Reads on Other Blogs

Beryl Gorbman Read this article about a strange abandoned Maya city built in 1982 in back of the Merida zoo. This place is complete with a scale replica of Chichen Itza’s El Castillo. The article explains the tumultuous politics going … Continue reading

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Merida Expats And Their Household Workers

Beryl Gorbman How many of us have had regular household workers in our homes before moving to Mexico? Not too many. But labor is so inexpensive here, and in Centro our houses require endless cleaning, so we’ve hired housekeepers. We’re … Continue reading

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