Merida/Progreso Spay and Neuter Clinics 2012

Once again, Planned Pethood is bringing us the invaluable opportunity to have any dog or cat spayed for absolutely free. They are operating in three locations described below. This continued effort has made a huge dent in the number of feral, sick, hungry, homeless animals in our communities.

This year they are asking for contributions if you are able to make them. Here is information from Patricia Holland, volunteer coordinator.

Spay/Neuter Campaign 2012 

January 8-11 in Mérida & January 13-14 in Progreso

Veterinarians will be travelling from all over the world including the US, Slovakia, and Baja California, as well as local veterinarians to donate their time to this project. This campaign is designed to target lower income families who otherwise could not afford to sterilize their animals, as well as the abandoned animals that so many of us rescue from the streets.

We need people to help with the following supplies.

  1. Drinks and snacks. Any of the big box stores have packages of snacks and cases of beverages. Our volunteers work too hard to stop for long, but need sustenance. Help them, please!I Also, fresh fruit would be great.  We will have approximately 150 volunteers, vets and vet techs each day of the clinic.
  2. Do you know a restaurant or caterer who would like to help?  We need sponsors for the vets at their welcome and goodbye parties. Free is wonderful but we are also interested huge discounts.  the restaurant logo will be displayed at the event.
  3. 40 meals are needed each day of the clinic, ten of them vegetarian for the medical team.  Desserts welcome too.
  4. Cash donations.  Bring your cash donation  to the offices of Planned Pethood. (Just off Ave. Technologica between Costco and Sams Club). Calle 10 #344  x 3y y 3c, Col. Gonzalo Guerrero. Call 999-944-23-10. Or make a donation at the clinic.
  5. Medical supplies.    Many of these can be picked up in any farmacia or supermarket.
  • 39 bottles (480ml) of Agua Oxigenada (hydrogen peroxide)
  • 4 bottles (100ml) Bravo spray (against ticks and fleas)
  • Large trash bags
  • 30 rolls of masking tape

Let us know if you want to volunteer in the clinics in Merida or Progreso.

We need volunteers to hang posters, distribute flyers and help with the animals. If you can help hang posters, please stop by the offices to pick up posters and flyers.   Contact Patricia Holland about the posters at Pick up posters at Planned Pethood.

If you are interested in volunteering for the clinic, volunteer meetings will be held both in Mérida and Progreso – dates and locations to be announced.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact:

Mérida:   Jill Benson  or Mimi Babcock:  or Silvia Cortes:

Progreso:   Cindy Wagner:  or Karen Cloutier:  or Maura Garcia:


Below you will find the details on the clinics and how to get to each one. See you there!

The vets will be performing surgeries officially from 9 – 5, although they typically stay later.

PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ANIMAL’S SURGERY. For the Merida clinics, call 253-1262 or 920-5019
for the Progreso clinics, call 969-935-7687 or 999-178-9548



January 8 and 9, the clinic will be at:  

Location 1: Centro de superacion Sera Mena, Calle 57 x 56, Co. Fidel Velazquez.

Directions: From Centro, heat east on Calle 59, about two miles from Calle 50. Cross the Circuito Colonias, and Calle 59 will become Fidel Velasquez. Sta on this street until you reach Calle 46 (watch for sign on L), and turn left. Go to Calle 57 ( just a few blocks) and you will see basketball courts on the right. Turn right on 57 and you will see the large blue and white building where we will hold the clinic.  

From the Periferico to Location 1: Take the sailda for Calle 59, which is the same as Calle Fidel Velasquez.  Stay on this .7 miles until you get to to Calle 46.  Turn right on Calle 46 for just a few blocks to calle 57.  On the right you will see some basketball courts.  Turn right on c. 57 and it is the large blue and white building.  

January 10 and 11, the clinic will be held in Merida at: 

Location 2. Centro de dessarollo communitario, Col/ Emiliano Zapata Sur II. 

Directions:  From La Ermita Park (66 y 77), go south on 66 to Circuito Colonias 1.6 miles.  (you will go past the cemetery).  Then turn left on Circuito Colonias.  (there is an Oxxo on the corner).  Go 1 mile to calle 60 (there is a bicycle shop on the corner).  Turn right on 60.  Go .3 miles, the road will curve to the left.  This is 121.  Go to the stop sign (there is a Farmacia Similares on the right corner).  This is calle 54, turn right.  The airport wall will be running alond the right hand side.  Go .4 miles to 127.  Turn right on 127. Go approx 1 mile to 86.  On the corner is a store that says “Tienda Los Esquina”.  Turn left.  Follow this road for about 1 mile to 161.  Turn right on 161 and go 4 blocks to 88B.  Turn left, and the clinica is on the right side.


When leaving, it may be dark, so here are directions back into Centro from Location 2:

From the Clinic:

From the stop sign at 88B and 163 which is the clinic location, turn left.  Go 4 blocks to 86.  Turn left onto 86.  Go approx .8 mile, then the road will veer off to the right. This is calle 84 and it will change to 82.  You will be on this road .3 mile until it ends at the stop sign.  This is 127.  Turn right on 127.  Go approx 1 mile to the stop sign. This is calle 54.  Turn left onto 54 and continue for .4 miles.  Turn left onto 121 (Farmacias Similares is on the left corner).  Continue on 121 for .3 miles, it will curve to the right and change into calle 60.  Go .3 miles to Circuito Colonias.  Turn left on Circuito Colonias and go 1 mile to calle 66 (there is an Oxxo on the corner), turn right onto 66 and this will head you back into Centro.

January 13 and 14 we will be in Progreso, at the Local Social El Ejidal, which is right in front of the agua potable.  I guess if you live there you know what that means. If you don’t, contact us for more info.


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