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Moon Publications likes the Yenta’s 2012 book

Mundo Maya Blog Joshua Berman ABOUT THIS BLOG Travelers to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras in 2012 can expect a yearlong celebration of Maya culture, past and present—and Moon Maya 2012 author Joshua Berman is blogging about all of it. I … Continue reading

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First Symposium of American Retirees and Mexican Government Representatives

National Forum on the North Ameican Retiree Community: Expectations and Options for Living In Mexico by Beryl Gorbman This past weekend, I was an invited delegate to a conference in Mexico City, along with 44 other American expats, who met … Continue reading

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Mexico City’s Grand Zocalo

by Beryl Gorbman The Templo Mayor ongoing excavation Last weekend in Mexico City, I had an opportunity to hike through the entire Templo Mayor excavation project, the ancient Aztec buildings right in the main zocalo, just next to the grand … Continue reading

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