December 21 2012

Cover of B. Gorbman's book, available on Amazon

Cover of B. Gorbman's book, available on Amazon

Will this fast-approaching date be the end of the world? Or will it be a dramatic evolution to a new level of global cosciousness? Will the north and south poles change places and will unprecedented suspots eradicate all of earth’s infrastructure? Will there be enormous climatic and seismic changes, causing earthqakes, volcanos, hurricanes, todal waves, tornados and natural disasters we can’t even imagine on 12/21/12?

Or will it be business as usual?

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have grouped around the prophecies of various acient cultures, including the Yucatec Maya. People are planning to travel to power points of the world, or places where the massive changes have been foretold.

In fact, they have already started. There are workshops, ceremonies, and conferences being held world-wide to help the pubic prepare for the portentious date. There is a growing number of inventive merchandisers selling gear to help us survive 12/21/2012. People have already moved to Merida to film background, and eventually, the event itself. Soon, rental space will be at a premium as seekers continue to enter our area.

In this section, we’ll explore some of these trends.

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