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Police Brutality in the US

Beryl Gorbman Generally, I’ve been a police fan. I like having them around. But thanks to the Occupy movement and other incidents, my feelings about the Seattle Police have changed. Today, Richard Pauli sent me this YouTube video of an … Continue reading

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Occupy Seattle

Beryl Gorbman Seattle has its own version of Occupy Wall Street. We’ve visited it several times. The first time was a quiet Tuesday late morning. The police had come through at 7 a.m. and removed all the tents, so many … Continue reading

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The Poet Laureate of “Occupy Seattle”

Seattle Beryl Gorbman Yesterday, as I was entering an office building in downtown Seattle, a gentleman who appeared homeless gallantly walked ahead of me to open the door and hold it for me. As it turned out, we were going … Continue reading

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